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Chowder! My son’s 21st Birthday Cake

Today is my son’s 21st birthday and also my father’s 90th. My father is in Chicago, so I couldn’t be with him for this one, but my son is here, and requested a “Chowder” cake – from his favorite Cartoon Network character.

For reference, here’s the cartoon character:


Cute little fellow, isn’t he?
I made Chowder out of fondant and painted him with mixed dry food coloring. Same for the logo.


My daughter wanted him to be eating the cake, so we dug a hole and he has some cake in each hand, and some in his mouth. You’ll notice that the cake is purple… and also flavored GRAPE. This is not for the faint at heart… :)

Now, we go eat the cake! Enjoy!

Pretty in Pink – Miss Jo’s Birthday

I’m adding this entry today on Miss Jo’s 91 1/2 birthday – (Miss Jo shares a birthday with my daughter, Erin, so I was reminded that today is Erin’s 11 1/2 birthday… for which I am making her 1/2 a cake! – pictures later! :) MissJo2This is a two-tiered, double layered cake covered in rolled fondant (Wilton). The fondant is hand-colored. The roses were made from buttercream icing with a Wilton petal tip and then frozen for easier handling.MissJo1

Erin’s 11-1/2 Birthday!

My daughter is 11 1/2 years old! She is learning to decorate cakes right along with me – and we’re having a great time together. Make time with your children and let them help you. It is these times they will remember always!

She wanted half a cake for her half-birthday, so half a cake it is! I used a 10 x 2″ Wilton Decorator Preferred round cake pan and cut the single layer in half after cooling. I find these pans give me the best and most even rising of any pan I’ve tried. I then stacked and frosted it using buttercream icing (Wilton recipe is best for frosting and piping.)

It is best to thin the icing with glycerin or light corn syrup for the initial frosting because you will have some crumbs on the cut side. Leave at original consistency for piping – especially the shells.  halfbirthday-1The edges were piped with a random pattern – something I used to doodle on my college notes when I got bored:)  The top of the cake featured a “half” of a balloon -at my daughter’s request.


Erin was inspired to add her own touches to the cake board. By the time she was finished, it was quite intricate.


I use precut Wilton cake boards for all my cakes. I’ve tried in the past to cut my own, but it’s time consuming, the results are less than professional, and the boards don’t hold up as well. I always have a supply of different sized and shaped boards on hand, and it’s so easy to grab the right one, wrap it and go.

The Tinderbox – Cast Party

This cake is a re-creation of the cover of the book “The Tinderbox” by Hans Christian Andersen. It was for the cast party for my daughter’s second grade class play.

I first “sketch” the image using a toothpick. Then it is hand painted using Wilton Gel-Flow which I have colored with gel coloring. It’s a bit tedious, but the results are usually quite good.

This is hand-painted directly on buttercream frosting. The result might very well be sharper if the painting was done on fondant instead. I do not usually use fondant on children’s cakes because they generally do not like the flavor. I may try it in the future, however…


Cardinals Birthday

This cake was for a friend’s son. They are HUGE Cardinals fans and Cole had a Cardinals birthday party.

The cake was a single layer sheet cake with a baseball diamond drawn out on it. The paths were made of granulated brown sugar – my daughter’s idea. The baseball is a separate cake, piped with stars and “signed” with a replica of Cole’s favorite player’s signature. The “backfield fence” behind the large baseball was actually constructed to provide extra support for the ball itself.

The scoreboard is a sugar cookie and the Cardinals logo is made of hand-painted fondant. Sparkler candles were used to create a “fireworks” display.

The sides of the cake were piped with “outfield signs.”   Cole1

I think Cole liked his cake….