Monthly Archives: July 2009

Green Pastures Birthday

This cake started out to be completely different, but it took on a life of it’s own in the making.

It’s a two-tiered (4-layers each tier) chocolate fudge cake with buttercream filling.  It is covered in fondant that I striated with powdered blue food colored to resemble the sky. The stream is made with Gel-Flow and the rocks are made from hand-colored fondant. They are adhered to the cake with buttercream icing.

The trees are hand-sculpted from white fondant and “painted” with powdered brown food coloring mixed with Vodka. I use the vodka as a solvent for the fry food coloring. It works better than water because it evaporates quickly and doesn’t soften the fondant.

The cake was topped with a white banner with a birthday wish on it being “carried” by two doves.

The grass and pine trees were hand-painted directly on the fondant as a backdrop.

Kung Fu Panda

Cole has gone Kung Fu crazy! He had a Kung Fu Panda cake and an outdoor movie showing Kung Fu panda in wonderful surround sound courtesy of Peter Vaque and Springtree Media Group.

The cake was my Vanilla Dream cake with vanilla buttercream filling and then covered in fondant which I had striated with green dry food coloring. All decorations were fashioned from fondant, with the exception of the KungFu Panda logo, which is made from pastiage.

The pagoda roof was constructed by taking a plastic Wilton cake separator plate (6 inch square) and covering it with white fondant. I then built a pyramid out of card stock that slipped over the up-side-down cake plate. The “roof” was shingled using small circles of red fondant held in place with buttercream icing. The roof was transported separately to the birthday party and then placed on top of 4 fondant covered dowel rods. I carved and painted the fondant coverings to resemble bamboo. All roofing was done by my daughter and first class assistant, Erin.

The viper (also made by Erin) was coiled around one of the support poles and then rested on a replica of the staff that master Shifu carried.